HOLORAMA: An Optical Theatre

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Inspirados en el Teatro óptico creado por Charles-Émile Reynaud JEFF DESOM ha creado este Holorama recreando escenas de The Big Lebowski, Twin Peaks y Jason and the Argonauts

Creado por Jeff Desom
Modelos por Oli Pesch


Inspired by the great tradition of optical theatres, Holorama brings several iconic scenes from the history of cinema back to life. From Twin Peaks to The Big Lebowski, Holorama gives these famous scenes a third dimension using a simple holographic process based on a semi-transparent screen, mixing the image of an extremely faithfully built model with the characters extracted from the original scene. A new perspective and a tribute to cinema, accessible to all.

Vanessa - Bernie Wayne/Hugo Winterhalter
Adonai - Ennio Morricone

The Big Lebowski
The Big Lebowski