James Van Der Beek aconseja a Justin Bieber

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No cabe duda de que Justin Bieber es una de las principales estrellas mundiales actualmente y recientemente tomó la decisión de no sacarse más fotos con sus seguidores y seguidoras. Ahora, el actor James Van Der Beek aconseja al actor tomando su propia experiencia.

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#FlashbackFriday Corduroy bucket hat and glasses #IntellectualFishermanLook #NeverForget Heard @justinbieber declared he's not taking selfies with fans anymore... Back in the olden times, when I couldn't go out without getting stopped for pics & autographs, I actually resorted to this look to hide. I remember feeling like a circus animal, feeling like people didn't give a shit about me as a human being. I remember thinking all they wanted was a pic and wouldn't care if I got hit by a bus afterwards. I felt all that. I get it. But here's the deal: You're able to make somebody very happy by doing something very simple. And that's a gift. And that's all it is. That's the advice Jon Voight gave me... And it turns out, he's right. It's not about what you take from the interaction, it's about what you give. It's easy to call Beiber a selfish asshole. Easy to have zero sympathy for a famous rich kid who doesn't want to take pictures with excited little girls... But having tasted a little bit of what he seems to be drowning in... I just wanted to insert a little perspective. Fame isn't "hard"... But it's tricky. There are a lot of potholes, and if you're not surrounded by the right inner circle, you'll trip. I think the real life lesson here is: Don't wear bucket hats. They're not a great look for anybody but fishermen. 😉👍

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Escuché que @justinbieber declaró que no se estará tomando más fotos con sus fans… En los viejos tiempos, cuando no podía salir sin que me detuvieran para pedirme fotos y autógrafos, recurrí a un look para esconderme. Recuerdo sentirme como un animal de circo, sentir que a la gente no le importaba nada como un ser humano. Lo sentí. Lo entiendo.

Pero este es el asunto: Tú puedes hacer a alguien muy feliz haciendo algo muy simple. Y eso es un regalo. Y eso es todo lo que es.

No se trata de lo que recibes por esa interacción, se trata de lo que tú das.