The PHD Movie 2 - Trailer

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Fue un proceso largo, pero la secuela de PHD movie se convirtió en realidad y ya podemos verla.
Aquí les dejo el trailer de este, un nuevo caso de éxito de Kickstarter (parece que Hardware y videojuegos son los dos grandes asuntos que todavía fallan o decepcionan la mayor parte del tiempo en esa plataforma, aún con excepciones como la bublcam que acerca los vídeos de 360 grados a un mayor número de productores)

The PHD Movie 2
The PHD Movie 2

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Haven't seen the first movie? Go to to watch it!

Written and Produced by PHD Comics creator Jorge Cham ( and directed by Iram Bilal (, The PHD Movie 2 takes a smart and funny look at the world of Academia through the eyes of four grad students.

Starring Alexandra Lockwood, Ph.D. and Raj Katti.
Music by: TEAMRKT (

Filmed at Caltech ( and with the support of The Institute for Quantum Information and Matter (


The PHD Movie 2: Still in Grad School
Jorge Cham de PHD Comics canta ” Let it go ” , PHD movie 2 es un hecho
PHD Movie

Phd movie 2 posterWhat is PHD Comics?

If you aren’t familiar with PHD Comics, it is one of the longest running comic strips online ( About 7 million people visit the website each year, with readers from every continent. To catch up, check out this list of TOP 200 PHD Comics. We’re also the same people who started PHD TV, a science and discovery outreach channel on YouTube with over 4 million views.

What’s the movie about?

Whereas the first movie was about creativity and passion, the theme of the second movie will be the Quest for Significance (significant results, feeling significant). The general plot finds Cecilia about to submit and defend her thesis. Expect lots of jokes about the agony of writing, dealing with your committee, more jokes about being a Teaching Assistant and overcoming the dreaded Impostor Syndrome.

Sketches from Jorge's notebook as he brainstorms ideas for the movie. You'll get access to more of these when you back the project.
Sketches from Jorge’s notebook as he brainstorms ideas for the movie. You’ll get access to more of these when you back the project.